Profile - Lynda Rogle


Once retired Lynda Rogle had more time to do what had always been a mere hobby. Writing has been a part of her life for a long time in a casual way such as scraps of notes on ideas for stories which were stored away and never re-visited. At school she was the recurring winner of essay competitions that were entered. The first story written was some fifteen years ago although only assisted self-published in 2015. It is the book that all new writers have to get out of the way before the serious work begins – the memoir – or journey into self-awareness; vital for an author. She planned on not publishing on the advice of someone, who had some experience of memoirs, but years later changed her mind at the request of a family member. He thought it might be a good idea to have a record of some sort of the family and so Greenfields was born.


She gets inspiration from everything ; people, conversations, situations and sometimes even the frustrations we experience. A sequel to Stand Up Stand Down is still in a first draft stage. On being advised to write themes that appeal to the younger generation she explains, ‘one would have to develop a taste for the science fiction, doomsday, alien occupation and extinction of the human race heroes those themes promote. I find it hard to take it all seriously.’


Could she willingly ever stop writing? ‘No. Writing for me is like breathing. If you want to stop breathing you can but then what? Besides it keeps the brain active and that is very important but, according to modern science sitting is deadly. I doubt I could manage a standup work space though. Some useful practical advice, do not sit for longer than an hour writing without doing some exercise.’ Her best time to write is evening to midnight – no distractions.